About Us

Press House cider officially began in 2021, however the real beginning was a couple of years prior. We inherited an apple tree with the house we bought, however the first year all of the apples went to waste. It was a real shame. Rob decided he wanted to try his hand at making cider. Turns out he was quite good at it. Fifteen years of process engineering gave him a bit of a head start. He made a make-shift apple press using some spare timber and a scissor jack out of the boot of the car. The cider didn’t last long. After that, Rob had the cider making bug. He started experimenting with different blends and carefully mastered how to expertly engineer cider to create different tastes and finishes. He decided to bring his favourite cider to market, which we now know as Press House Dabinett cider.

Every phase of the production of Press House cider is carried out at our small family cidery in Bandon, West Cork. The apples are sourced in Carrick-on-Suir in Tipperary at the very end of the season to ensure maximum sweetness and fullest flavour. Once delivered, they are hand washed and carefully sorted to remove any imperfect apples from the batch. The apples are milled and pressed by a small (but brilliant) team before fermenting for a month, then aged for a minimum of four months. At the bottling phase we add a small amount of desert apple juice to perfectly back-sweeten the cider, and then carbonate to a light frizzante sparkle. Next the cider is pasteurised at minimum temperatures to preserve the delicate balance of flavours. We even label the cider by hand ready to deliver to the best venues in West Cork and beyond.